Last night was Royal Rumble night.  I have been a wrestling fan for as far back as I can remember, literally.  I have memories of being very young, and watching Hulk Hogan with my great grandmother who had a picture of him in her house.  She loved him, and although I have grown to hate Hulk Hogan, that event of watching it over where she lived set the stage for an obsession that has not gone away and most likely will never.  I don’t particularly like the WWE as much these days, but I still watch and pay attention.  TNA is my favorite promotion.  Enough of that, lets get into last night.

    Usually the wrestling PPV events at my house consist of my soon-to-be brother in-law Bill and our friend Doug.  Last night we had 14 people, it was pretty ridiculous but extremely awesome.  The fact that you can get 14 people in one room to watch wrestling brings a smile to my face.  Nicole read online, from one of the many blogs she reads, about setting up a baked potato bar.  That idea was genius.  We grabbed a big bag of baked potatoes, some chili, cheese, sour cream, butter, and bacon.

I whipped up a carrot cake last minute for a little desert!

    The potato bar ended up being a hit and our living room ended up being perfect for this large crowd. Unfortunately the Royal Rumble was straight up awful.  You don’t realize how incredibly bad the roster is in the WWE until they are all featured in one match.  This may have been one of the worst pay per views all year.
    Tomorrow I will be posting Nicole’s curtain project upstairs which ended up being a success.  A nice set of curtains can get expensive fast.  Nicole ordered some cool fabric online and made a great set of curtains in a few hours.

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