New Falling Down Mug!


This is one of my favorite movies and I have been holding out making something for it for years. Obviously inspired by current events, the average Joe is taking a big hit. With everyone slowly returning to the office, I couldn’t think of a better mug to show off at your desk as you continuously get shafted day after day. This one is for you!

This has been added to the Etsy shop. If you haven’t experienced this movie, I highly suggest making it a movie night!

Joe Rogan’s Bizarre Covid Response

I’m pretty sick of talking about Covid 19. I’m all set. However, yesterday Joe Rogan posted this video on Tik Tok.

For the sake of this viewpoint, not that it’s anyone’s business, I am vaccinated. I have to put that out-there only because if you say anything that isn’t part of the script – you are labeled anti-vax. I got my vaccine as soon as it became available for me.

When Rogan posted this, the thing I found most ridiculous wasn’t that he took Ivermectin. Ever since covid hit, there has been this weird politicizing of treatments and medicines. There is misinformation everywhere you look, people making contradictory statements every other day – honestly, if you are a normal person it’s hard to know what to believe. The one thing that is extremely clear, the vaccine does prevent you from getting dangerously sick for the majority. This is statistically documented. I am totally for everyone’s choice to get it and continue to maintain that this is something people should make their own decision about based on their personal health history. The idea that everyone is the same is absurd.

That being said, since the beginning of the pandemic Joe Rogan has constantly talked about how if you are in shape and live a healthy lifestyle, you’re not in any real danger with Covid. He’s been very clear about this. Fast forward to yesterday, the guy announces he has Covid….and he’s taking literally every treatment for it possible. The amount of shit he’s admitting to doing because he came down with Covid is completely ridiculous! What happened to strengthening your immune system? This doesn’t even sound like he’s giving his immune system a chance…

The worst part of all this, is that when he makes it through this (statistically he should) – he’s going to probably go around talking about the success of his treatments.

His reaction to getting covid is pretty bizarre to me.

Mid-Week Rant: Paper Straws Are Bullshit in Milkshakes

Last weekend I took my daughter out for an ice cream. Roughly two years ago, our brave leaders here in NY eliminated plastic bags and straws. We have mostly adjusted to this, and while I could go into all of my problems with this half assed legislation – this post is about paper straws.

I’m and adult (mostly), so my encounters with straws are few and far between. I also don’t get fast food often. Over the weekend I took my daughter out for a leisurely bike ride and a stop for ice-cream. This time she decided to go with this milkshake sort-of-thing. It was a chocolate milkshake with two cookies in it, some whip cream, fudge, etc. Back in my day (when everyone was normal), we used to have either a big plastic straw, or my personal favorite – the straw with the spoon on the end. Fucking genius.

My daughter gets her milkshake, sits down, and starts going to town. I of course notice the stupid straw and was counting down the minutes until that functioning paper tube turned into a soggy paper stick. This happened in roughly 5 minutes.

Who are we kidding here?! I am obviously down with paper straws in soda’s. But for something like a milkshake, it is perhaps the dumbest thing ever!



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My Wife Hates “Big Trouble in Little China”


I occasionally show my wife movies from my childhood. She surprisingly hasn’t seen a lot of them. Sometimes she walks away from the experience in agreement that the film was amazing. Other times, she walks away appalled (like when i showed her “Teen Wolf”)…

One movie I thought she would enjoy was “Big Trouble in Little China.” I was totally wrong.

I hadn’t sat down to watch this movie in about 20 years, I didn’t even remember much of it. I thought the movie held up due to its complete absurdity. The action was awesome, the comedy was hilarious, and the effects are insanely cheesy. What more can you ask for!?

My wife laughed only once and ended up being completely baffled at how anyone would think this was a classic!

What classics have you shown your significant other that they hated? Share your experienced below!

Labor Day Sale!

Hello, Hello, Hello! Out of curiosity I happened to check on my blog stats. In the everyday madness that is life, you sometimes forget about things. This blog happens to be the thing I had forgotten about. Once again, I am going to make an effort to blog more!

I have added a ton of stuff to the shop – I’m not even sure where to start! From now until the end of September, take advantage of our Labor Day Sale.

Here are some of the new things we have that have been selling like toilet paper during a pandemic! Come visit our Etsy Store and get in on this ASAP!

Movie Review: Blood Father

I’ve been watching more movies lately. This typically happens when I need to brainstorm new ideas. The movies don’t usually have anything to do with the ideas I come up with, but it relaxes my brain.

I originally sat down with the intention of watching “Ransom.” Obviously it was not available on any streaming device, so I settled with, “The Blood Father.” Holy shit, am I happy about this life decision.

Mel Gibson plays a recovering drunk that lives in this trailer park recovery center where he has his support buddy living near him (played by William H Macey.) His teenage daughter has been missing for years but has now reached out to him for money, because she is now in huge trouble with the Mexican drug cartel.

Without giving any spoilers, Gibson and his daughter go on a dangerous adventure to escape the cartel. While his daughter feels terrible about dragging him into this mess, Gibson’s character is actually having the time of his life.

If you a mindless, simple, movie experience – this is great. There is a certain rage/aggravation that Mel Gibson has always been able to showcase better than any other actor. Probably because he’s a raging lunatic in real life.

“Blood Father” is awesome.

Blu-ray Review: 'Blood Father' Is The Perfect Mel Gibson Comeback ...

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Stay Strong. Treat Yourself. Treat Someone Else, Support Small Business

This stay at home thing is really getting old. Every day is the same, the concept of time no longer exists, and we’ve never watched so much television. One thing is for certain though – every day starts with a hot cup of coffee.

I had a woman contact me last week to make her a men’s shirt design on a women’s tee. In her conversation to me, she expressed genuine excitement for the shirt, but felt an underlying guilt purchasing an item like this while millions are suffering. I totally understood her and often felt similar while buying “non-essentials.”

Being stuck in your house for this long has extreme negative effects, one of them being mental health. People deal with it in different ways depending on severity. The truth is, if you can afford to and you are fortunate enough to be able to, purchasing something for yourself is a good thing. Or you may consider buying for someone else who might be having a tough time, especially if you buy through a small business.

While corporate giants like Amazon have stopped delivering non-essential items quickly, small businesses are eager and motivated to get their products out to you as soon as possible. You are able to help yourself or someone else with a fun, thoughtful gift, while helping struggling small businesses stay alive.

I write this not so that you order from us. We are fortunate enough to be doing OK during this pandemic. I write this so that you order from any small business – both local and online.

The Joy of Introducing Wrestling to Kids

As a kid growing up, wrestling was always my favorite thing, especially back in the 80’s and 90’s. There was just something about it I loved. It wasn’t the violence, it was the ridiculous drama. The good guy vs the bad guy. Although that formula barely exists today, there is some magic left in this classic form of entertainment, especially for kids.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t for everyone I can see parents reading this and completely freaking out. Wrestling can still be for kids, you just have to know what to show them, and what not to show them. This is especially true when deciding to attend a live show. I’ll get into that in a bit.

Step 1: The Introduction

My first introduction to wrestling was watching my great grandmother, who barely spoke English, watch Hulk Hogan religiously. I believe she had a poster of him in her home. Today, in the age of endless entertainment, I had to come up with a different strategy. One that was good……reaallllly goooddddd. So for that I obviously chose to have Nacho Libre shown on family movie night.


Nacho Libre is not “woke,” so be prepared for some “cultural appropriation” or any other weird new labels that exist today. That aside, I’m sorry, but it’s a hilarious film with a good story, and a good message. Needless to say, my kid love it.

Step 2: The Live Show

From there we would have little matches after dinner, which she loves. I bought her a Women’s WWE Championship Belt, which she defends all the time. Finally the moment came. WWE Live was coming to our town.

So here is the thing with wrestling. Not all of it is for kids. With an audience base as broad as theirs, they have specific programming that is for kids and isn’t for kids. WWE Raw and Smackdown events are more geared towards adults. WWE Live shows are not.  These are known as “House Shows,” which are not televised.  The crowd is mostly kids, so it’s the perfect event to bring your child to.

Step 3: Splurge

I don’t typically spoil my kid, although my mom thinks we do. On wrestling day, you do. Take your kid out to eat, get a desert, buy a few things from the gift shop.  You only get to do this stuff a few times, make it special.  Before you know it, your kid is going to have her face buried in a cell phone in her room.  Now is the time. Unless your kid is a total shit, they will remember this for a long time and will be happy to have shared that bond with you for the day.



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