Movie Review: Blood Father

I’ve been watching more movies lately. This typically happens when I need to brainstorm new ideas. The movies don’t usually have anything to do with the ideas I come up with, but it relaxes my brain.

I originally sat down with the intention of watching “Ransom.” Obviously it was not available on any streaming device, so I settled with, “The Blood Father.” Holy shit, am I happy about this life decision.

Mel Gibson plays a recovering drunk that lives in this trailer park recovery center where he has his support buddy living near him (played by William H Macey.) His teenage daughter has been missing for years but has now reached out to him for money, because she is now in huge trouble with the Mexican drug cartel.

Without giving any spoilers, Gibson and his daughter go on a dangerous adventure to escape the cartel. While his daughter feels terrible about dragging him into this mess, Gibson’s character is actually having the time of his life.

If you a mindless, simple, movie experience – this is great. There is a certain rage/aggravation that Mel Gibson has always been able to showcase better than any other actor. Probably because he’s a raging lunatic in real life.

“Blood Father” is awesome.

Blu-ray Review: 'Blood Father' Is The Perfect Mel Gibson Comeback ...

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