The Joy of Introducing Wrestling to Kids

As a kid growing up, wrestling was always my favorite thing, especially back in the 80’s and 90’s. There was just something about it I loved. It wasn’t the violence, it was the ridiculous drama. The good guy vs the bad guy. Although that formula barely exists today, there is some magic left in this classic form of entertainment, especially for kids.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t for everyone I can see parents reading this and completely freaking out. Wrestling can still be for kids, you just have to know what to show them, and what not to show them. This is especially true when deciding to attend a live show. I’ll get into that in a bit.

Step 1: The Introduction

My first introduction to wrestling was watching my great grandmother, who barely spoke English, watch Hulk Hogan religiously. I believe she had a poster of him in her home. Today, in the age of endless entertainment, I had to come up with a different strategy. One that was good……reaallllly goooddddd. So for that I obviously chose to have Nacho Libre shown on family movie night.


Nacho Libre is not “woke,” so be prepared for some “cultural appropriation” or any other weird new labels that exist today. That aside, I’m sorry, but it’s a hilarious film with a good story, and a good message. Needless to say, my kid love it.

Step 2: The Live Show

From there we would have little matches after dinner, which she loves. I bought her a Women’s WWE Championship Belt, which she defends all the time. Finally the moment came. WWE Live was coming to our town.

So here is the thing with wrestling. Not all of it is for kids. With an audience base as broad as theirs, they have specific programming that is for kids and isn’t for kids. WWE Raw and Smackdown events are more geared towards adults. WWE Live shows are not.  These are known as “House Shows,” which are not televised.  The crowd is mostly kids, so it’s the perfect event to bring your child to.

Step 3: Splurge

I don’t typically spoil my kid, although my mom thinks we do. On wrestling day, you do. Take your kid out to eat, get a desert, buy a few things from the gift shop.  You only get to do this stuff a few times, make it special.  Before you know it, your kid is going to have her face buried in a cell phone in her room.  Now is the time. Unless your kid is a total shit, they will remember this for a long time and will be happy to have shared that bond with you for the day.



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