My Wife Hates “Big Trouble in Little China”


I occasionally show my wife movies from my childhood. She surprisingly hasn’t seen a lot of them. Sometimes she walks away from the experience in agreement that the film was amazing. Other times, she walks away appalled (like when i showed her “Teen Wolf”)…

One movie I thought she would enjoy was “Big Trouble in Little China.” I was totally wrong.

I hadn’t sat down to watch this movie in about 20 years, I didn’t even remember much of it. I thought the movie held up due to its complete absurdity. The action was awesome, the comedy was hilarious, and the effects are insanely cheesy. What more can you ask for!?

My wife laughed only once and ended up being completely baffled at how anyone would think this was a classic!

What classics have you shown your significant other that they hated? Share your experienced below!

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