Hope everyone had a great 4th!

    Our 4th of July ended up being a a day of production instead of cooking out, shooting fireworks, or drinking heavily.  I think we were both OK with that seeing as it was a mid week holiday and the day off from work wasn’t very satisfying.  We have been working hard on the sun room and the back yard, both coming along nicely.
    I’ve been laying pavers for a patio in the back which is pretty brutal when its 90 degrees.  I have to admit, its exhausting, but I love it.  The hard part will be the cutting once I start rounding it and doing curves.  I could take the easy way out, but then we are left with a square patio that doesn’t look all that great.  When it comes down to it, a square patio means that you didn’t want to go the extra mile to create something a little more appealing to the eyes.  It will be challenging, but it should look awesome.

    Once we had the sliding glass door installed and put up the wooden stairs, I laid down fresh soil and planted some shade grass.  In just over a week, the grass had fully grown in and was bright green.  It made a world of difference.  Once more time went by and the grass got a little stronger, we started digging out the beds so that Nicole could spend the day planting and we could start to establish our gardens.

    Its amazing the amount of work we have gotten done in just a few weeks with limited time to spend it.  The backyard has become an obsession of mine now because it literally looked like a dump, and now its starting to show glimpses of what it could become.  The sun room transformation has been great as well.  Nicole’s eye for decorating is really something, its amazing what a few new things can do to a room.

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