Bruiser Brody Tribute Shirt

   I’ve been a fan of pro wrestling since I was an toddler.  It’s not something many people praise or speak proudly of, it’s just something that happens and it never leaves.  I remember vividly, to this day, my great grandmother and I watching wrestling.  She loved Hulk Hogan and hung proudly above her bed a glossy 80’s poster of the icon.  She probably wouldn’t support my opinion on him these days, but regardless, she was a fan and so will I forever be.
This may be one of my favorite pictures.  For such a long time I had this image in my head, this memory,  but it wasn’t until about a year ago that i was given this picture that let me actually see it again.

    Not only am I a fan of wrestling, but I am proudly a historian.  I have a hard time watching today’s WWE because its just not good.  They call themselves “entertainment”.  I want wrestling.  I love IMPACT wrestling because its as old school as we can possibly get these days.  I don’t spend much time analyzing todays wrestling, but I constantly absorb information about the days when the sport was great.  The days of World Class Championship Wrestling, the NWA, AWA, and even WCW.  I loved it and I could read about these days forever.  One wrestler I remember being captivated with was the great Bruiser Brody.  His legendary matches with Abdullah the Butcher, his legendary tag matches with Stan Hanson, and reading about how he was a true outlaw in the sport.

Brody and Hanson.  There wasn’t a tougher tag team that ever existed.

Brody and Abby had some of the biggest battles ever.

    So I decided that it was time for a wrestling tribute shirt.  I give you the Bruiser Brody Tribute shirt:

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