Niagara Market

   Saturday evening we went down to the Niagara Market.  This was the first year of the event which lasts 30 days.  It was described as being a “European Market” so we were interested in seeing something like this, especially because it might be something for Super Sweet Shirts to think about doing in the future.  If you have never been to Niagara Falls, the American side is an armpit.  Its terrible.  Its nothing but a gigantic casino, and nothing else.  This market was a good idea to get people to come visit the area in the winter.  It didn’t end up being as big as I thought it was going to be, but for being the first year, it has the potential to be something really cool.  Each vendor has its own little wooden hut that you could go into and shop from.  Bigger vendors had larger huts that were like big heated tents.  We talked the the owner of Sample Restaurant for a few minutes while getting some hot cider and he said that the turnout had been great this season and that he would totally do it again next year.  Something to think about for us next year or the following year.

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