Our First Tree!

   I’m a week late posting these but the shirt orders have been pretty intense and I haven’t had much time for anything.  I was all excited this year to go buy a saw, venture out into the woods like Clark Griswold, and get myself a tree.  Unfortunately its December and there’s no snow.  This winter sucks.  I was not in the mood to go get a tree in gorgeous sunny weather.  Nicole and I decided to just go down to Home Depot and get a tree.  I will never get a fake tree, it needed to at least be real.  This was my first time picking out a tree by myself.  I had done some reading in my last issue of “This Old House” and it had an article about bringing home your tree hassle free.  I was definitely prepared for this.  People are so picky when they are looking for their tree.  They pull them out one and spin them around to make sure they are all perfect.  I just grabbed one that was all tied up.  I had no ideas what it was going to look like.  It’s a tree.  Charlie Brown didn’t care, why should I.  Here are some pictures below of our first tree.  Now we are going to have to gradually collect ornaments that have meaning.

Nicole getting the tree stand ready.

My mom got us these little gems!
My Harry Potter Ornament.

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